Dec,28,2018 01:09:34 AM

Banlekhi – Time to Relax at a Remote Village Near Mukteshwar

Are you looking for a place to relax? Are you looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city? Do you wish to be close to Mother Nature? Are you fond of delicious and homemade food? It is time to visit Banlekhi, Binsar and Patal Bhuvaneshwar Trip, providing all this and more near Nainital. The trip is designed especially for people who like to travel in an offbeat destination, peaceful place, uncommercialized destination, nature and party with the co-travellers.

Dec,25,2018 01:07:02 AM

Finally The queen of Thar

This has made the trip to Jaisalmer during the Desert Festival more like a World Tour the Rajasthani tinges and tunes.

 It wasn’t a night in the SAM Dunes… but that was a pretty good day somewhere deep into the Thar Desert. Jeep ride, bumpy camel safari of 5 kms, sunset at the west sky and moon

Dec,24,2018 12:54:24 AM

Kutch Nahi Dekha Toh Kutch Nahi Dekha

Since past 1 year, visiting Rann of Kutch was a nagging dream. That dream finally came true, when I traveled with this awesome group called TRIPRODIE to this mystically beautiful place.

Ever since I’ve known about it, and ever since I’ve seen those beautifully shot u know …Amitabh Bachchan ads

Dec,17,2018 01:26:59 AM

Leh Ladakh Trip - My best Trip Ever & forever...

I was in Dream at that time; it was hard to believe that I was in Leh Ladakh. That was my best Trip Ever & forever……

LehLadhak…Haii I can’t Explain hann. Still, I am trying to explain my feelings about the natural beauty of Leh-Ladakh.
It’s actually a land of Heaven due to the presence of Tibetan Buddhist, Monasteries, Himalayan mountain tops, inhabitable high altitude Desert, And finally the world highest motorable roads.

Standing at the highest peak of Kha

Dec,17,2018 01:14:54 AM

Goa Trip………not a holiday but an unbreakable craving

Goa is a bunch of Excitement, fun, enjoy, masti, thrill and happiness and these golden feelings bring the smile on your face for a lifetime. Every evening is colorful, romantic, exotic, and mornings are beautiful dazzling. And finally, beaches are charming and stunning here….:)

Goa, the place which fascinates every soul and makes p