Dec,25,2018 01:07:02 AM

Finally The queen of Thar

This has made the trip to Jaisalmer during the Desert Festival more like a World Tour the Rajasthani tinges and tunes.

 It wasn’t a night in the SAM Dunes… but that was a pretty good day somewhere deep into the Thar Desert. Jeep ride, bumpy camel safari of 5 kms, sunset at the west sky and moon rise in the east sky, and now I cant explain its was u know WOW………“LOL”…”

 The very first glimpse that I captured of the Jaisalmer city was its quaint havelis in the midst of modern infrastructure.. At the entrance there are few shops of traditional attires and restaurants and ahead lies an aslant way up inside the fort. To the opposite of the main entrance there is the main commercial area, bit congested, arraying with shops, restaurants and hotels.Also  it was very stunning and beautiful …

 So then I was a part of the 12th century. The Jaisalmer Fort that was built in 1156 AD by the Bhati Rajput ruler RaoJaisal is a massive yellow sandstone structure and is also known as the “Golden Fort”. It maintains several merchant havelis and ancient temples.

The path in the outer walls of the fort is a perfect walk of an hour that circles the entire fort. We started from one of the alleys diverged from the square that lead to the outer walls and winded up at the main entrance. … I stood perplex once again but this time I could brief my feelings to my friends  seeing the spectacular panoramic view of the Jaisalmer city from the outer walls near one of the cannon sites. Far at the horizon one can even capture an extensive view of the vast area of windmills that stretches from east to west. On our round trip we came across three such cannon sites wherefrom one can have the panoramic view of the whole city. One is facing south, which is close to the square; one facing to the west is approximately 10 minutes walk from the former; and one facing north, which is the smaller one, is approximately further 10 minutes of walk.

 After travelling an hour or so the jeep took a left turn diverging from the highway. So that was the time when I came to know that we were not going to the SAM dunes for camping.

soright now we are heading to Kuldhara village and then we will drive to another village where from we will travel to the dunes on a camel safari.

According to the locals the Kuldhara village is a haunted place. It is one of the Unexplore place in india . and is approximately 25 to 30 kilometers far from the Jaisalmer city. The village dates back to the 17th century and today most of it is in ruins except a dome shaped turret and a temple that is dedicated to Lord Krishna. I was taking hold of every bricks of the ruined village esteeming myself as RakhaldasBandyopadhyay, who was one of the Indian archaeologists and historian 

Nonetheless, the ambiance is a perfect place for photo shoot and hence the everyone  went on with clicks, clicks and clicks.Afterthat

‘we are going to miss the sunset… hurry up, finally reached ..

I didn’t want to miss the sunset and to capture the changing colours at the west sky was one of my motifs on this trip. After 45 minutes or an hour drive we reached to a village where we were accompanied by camels and we were seated on it. The porters started to gear up the camels by loading stuffs like mattresses, pillows, water barrels, foods on their back. I took out my phone camera  because taking still pictures were impossible on that bumpy ride.and finally 

Slowly the sun was weakening down to the horizon and we were moving deep into the desert passing through thorn shrubs and other desert plants.. After getting down from the camels we headed high on the dunes to capture the sunset and the porters busied themselves to set the night on fire

It was tacit and romantic… an exceptional moment that still beats my pulse. Slowly the sky started to change its colour…from yellow to orange and from red to dim. I kept staring at the horizon to capture each of its changes without a blink of an eye .To the west sky the sun was setting down and to the east sky the moon appeared to shine bright reflecting on the dunes that slowly turned silver.

Afterthat in night mode in case if you want to feel the true magic of Arabian nights” just spend an evening in the deserts of jaisalmer. The warm , dry desert turn into cool. 

The one and only place to enjoy your nightlife in jaislermer is desert night.

The cultural programme with folk dance, kalbeliya, bhavaichakri and fire dance. The best part was there was also DJ party with Bon fire. Nice place  to enjoy your evening in desert. The cultural programme arranged by the camp was amazing dance performance. So overall  jaisalmer is a good experience of specially travelling in desert. Its one of a kind desert safari on the sand duens.specially that time I made to sand or sit on the open jeep and then they take you at high speeds tearing through the overall it was brilliant experience. So now I am actually saying “ The queen of thar”