Dec,24,2018 12:54:24 AM

Kutch Nahi Dekha Toh Kutch Nahi Dekha

Since past 1 year, visiting Rann of Kutch was a nagging dream. That dream finally came true, when I traveled with this awesome group called TRIPRODIE to this mystically beautiful place.

Ever since I’ve known about it, and ever since I’ve seen those beautifully shot u know …Amitabh Bachchan ads about the Rann, I’ve been drawn very powerfully to the place. It’s almost as if I want to find something meaningful in that empty expanse of white. And when I landed there, it was pretty much what I found. The Rann very subtly has the capability to show you how insignificant you are in this world. Just a thick plate of salt, which covers dark thick quicksand .this place gives no ultimatum for survival to any living being. No insects, no animals, no nothing for miles.. just the white, the blue sky this is u know beautiful …I can’t explain now just because bahut sunder thaisliye u know above,  the sun on one side and moon on the other. The feeling of being in empty white heaven was precious. Hardly It was 2 days past the full moon. Wishing that I could see a waning moon I looked up. The full moon did not disappoint us either. Lavishly shining on the carpet of white, it made the salt sparkle like diamonds. We lay down facing the sky, mostly in silence admiring the beauty of the moon. An infinite black sky with more stars and constellations than I had seen in my entire life was spread out above me. The starry sky seemed to merge with the unending dark horizon. Within fraction of seconds I was lying on my back on the salt staring up at the starry night, mesmerized. That apart of  Kutch is as vibrant as it can get. It’s amazing how the arid and barren lands of Gujarat have the most colorful and intricate legacy of handicrafts and art. The artists here (especially women) are extremely talented and gifted. The only lack is that of mixing art with modern designs. Most of us did not buy a lot because glittery mirrors and flowery designs don’t mix well with everyday work in the city. Nevertheless, the experience was brilliant and an eye-opener.The food at every random roadside dhaba was finger lickingood! Hot ghee laden rotis, spicy kutchisabzis with ganthiya, makkhan, milk cakes, sweet gujaratidaal and so much more to relish – served with some love from the locals :) It was amazing. And add to that, picture perfect roads that are ideal for bike rides and car drives – what else would you ever want!!

Not everything that I saw can be described in finite words here. The experience in itself is something I will always hold close to my heart. The Rann of Kutch so to speak is empty, but it really helped me empty my mind of all the questions that were unanswered, of all the worries that were unattended to. For now, I had the company of the moon :)

Real World:

Bhuj is highly recommended due to good food, clean and up to the mark stay with great basic facilities Villages to visit: Bhujodi, Narona, &Khavda for handicrafts and art items. But be sensitive while bargaining. The last civilian point for Indians – 80 km away from the borders of Pakistan and hear stories of the soldier’s survivals in this barren terrain. Also include Mandvi beach, Vijay Vilas Palace, Bhujia Fort and Little Rann of Kutch if possible in your itinerary. Food must try: Kutchi food at Viram hotel in Bhuj, KutchiDabeli (anywhere) and hot milk mawa (anywhere).

 All of a sudden overwhelmed to see a vast night sky filled with infinite stars.
It looks like special effects but trusts me it isn't. I wish I had a camera powerful enough to capture those stars. that in case you haven't been to the Rann (at night), that scene might give you a hint of what it feels like to stare back at infinity.

This trip was special for two reasons. I had a thing for the White Desert even before Amitabh Bachchan started promoting it for Gujarat tourism. And I was traveling with an awesome group called TRIPRODIE.
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